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Linguaskill comes in two versions: General English and Business English which allows the candidate’s language level to be determined on the CEFR scale from A1 to C1. Designed by Cambridge Assessment English, Linguaskill allows you to reliably assess English skills.


Linguaskill General: addresses everyday situations, personal and professional, without going into a specific field or a trade. It is accessible to a wider variety of candidates because the content is more general.


Linguaskill Business: addresses professional life situations specific to commerce, marketing, management, as its name “business” suggests. This test is a modernized version of the BULATS test.


Both Linguaskill tests evaluate the four skills:

  1. written comprehension and oral comprehension (90 minutes)
  2. oral expression (15 minutes)
  3. written expression (45 minutes)


“Reading and listening comprehension” is adaptive; that is, the level of question difficulty varies depending on the candidate’s answers to previous questions. It lasts about 90 minutes and the results are immediate.

“Oral expression” is completely an online test, without interaction with a human being. The test is timed and lasts 15 minutes. Results are available within 48 hours.

“Written expression” is a writing test, lasting a maximum of 45 minutes. Results are available within 12 hours.